Why, God?


生日快乐 Andy!








Happy 17th Chinese boy!

My gift is that I learned Chinese for you!

Manga Preview

THIS WAS POSTED AT 11:09 PM, I will have it full by the end of the weekend!

This is a medical reason.  I have an addiction that I’m trying to work through right now.

Here’s some information about my manga:

  • Main character: Drift, blue hair, element ice
  • She’s got magic, she goes to a school.
  • She’s 10.
  • She’s got some issues to work through.

IMMA HAVE A FULL BLOWN PREVIEW BY THE END OF THE WEEKEND REALLY.  (The end of the weekend for me is really like Monday-ish, just saying)


So everyone knows I’m not into Asian music.  I mean there are songs with really catchy tunes, but I can’t really get into songs where I can’t understand the lyrics!

Well, everyone has been obsessed with Asian music lately.  I don’t know, maybe it’s because I hang out with too many Asians, but all I get sent are Korean, Japanese, Filipino, and Chinese music!!

Anyways, today I was going through another email full of random J-rock/K-rock music that a classmate sent me and closing out of them as usual.

Well, while I was doing this, this Chinese dude ( >_____> -cough-) sent me this song.  I REALLY like this song.

Now, I’m like obsessed with this band >____<  They are like SO good.  I can’t even find any American female bands like this.

Omg, are they good or what?

Who knows?  Maybe I can get into Asian music afterall?

Manga Check

How far are you all?

  1. Don’t have anything done.
  2. Thought about doing it.
  3. Thinking about the plot.
  4. Thinking about the characters.
  5. Have the characters drawn.
  6. Wrote out the script.
  7. Have a rough draft, just need to draw.
  8. Drawing the panels now.
  9. Pretty much finished, just doing finishing touches.
  10. Already done, with time to spare!

Need time extension?

Ravenwood Fair

is the answer.

It is not an addiction.

Busy, Busy, Busy

I’m a bit behind on everything so haven’t been able to read blogs etc.  Post lots of blogs so I have something interesting to read at the end of the week please!!

Example of something cool to show me:


Sunday: Cram for Hardware exam DONE, think I did this one right

Monday: Assembler project, started it, know what I have to get done

Tuesday: Finish assembler project by midnight, do Hardware lab  (Status: EEK)

Wednesday: Study for System Software (Thoughts: shouldn’t be TOO bad)

Thursday: Heal (Thoughts: can’t wait!)

Carebear is the best!! ❤