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I’m down to my last final exam (Thursday) and things are finally settling down.  This semester was exhausting!  This week, I’ll be updating this blog with everything that’s been going on (hopefully I remember them all) so bare with me!

Summer and Fall Semesters

For Summer, I have it pretty easy.  I’ll have a week before I have to start interning on May 7, then I have a month of Speech class (eek!) which will start near the end of June.

For Fall, my schedule is:


Intro to Artificial Intelligence 4:30 – 5:45 pm

Data Modeling 6:00 – 7:15 pm


Physics 9:25 – 10:40 am

Legal & Ethical Issues in Computing 1:40 – 2:55 pm

Operating Systems 3:05 – 4:20 pm


Physics 9:25 – 10:40 am

Physics Lab 1:00 – 3:50 pm

(meaning…  Fall should be hell compared to this semester)

List of Things I’ll Finally Get to Do

  • Work on my manga!
  • Practice drawing
  • Start a deviantArt
  • Blog (also read everyone’s blogs!)
  • Watch anime
  • Update my music
  • Organize my folders
  • Practice coding

(Note***  I’m slowly getting started on reading everyone’s blogs today, but I won’t be able to fully read them all until after Thursday.  KEEP THEM INTERESTING BECAUSE I READ THEM WHILE I EAT THANKS)


Upcoming Schedule

It’s down to the final 4 weeks of the semester and here’s what I have lined up:

Week 1

Tuesday: Networking assignment 2

Thursday: System Software paper review

Week 2

Tuesday: Networking demo 2

Thursday: Complete System Software assembler program

Friday: Automata program 2

Week 3

Tuesday: Networking paper/exam

Wednesday: Hardware final

Week 4

Thursday: System software final

SO, I need to knock out as many of these I can during the weekends or they’re all potential all-nighters!  I’ll do my blog updates of everything that has been happening sometime after all these have settled down.  See you then!

The Lazies

Important Dates that are coming up:

Thursday, 2/23:  Networks Assignment 1

Friday, 2/24:  Secondhand Serenade and Parachute concert

Wednesday, 2/29: Computing and Engineering Job Fair, Hardware Lab

Thursday, 3/1:  Networks Midterm Exam

Tuesday, 3/6:  Networks Project #1 Demo

Thursday, 3/8:  Automata Program 1, Systems Project 3

As you can see I have a lot of very big assignments to do in the next 3 weeks.  If I don’t start on them now, I’m definitely going to die.  The problem is, I can’t seem to get motivated.  I REALLY need to get motivated.  But how do I do this?


Results from the last week:

Hardware Exam:  87%  (wth)

Hardware Lab:  Not returned

Software Exam:  99%

Software Assembler Project:  100%


What I’d rather be doing:

  • Drawing
  • Testing out paper
  • Ravenwood
  • Music

Busy, Busy, Busy

I’m a bit behind on everything so haven’t been able to read blogs etc.  Post lots of blogs so I have something interesting to read at the end of the week please!!

Example of something cool to show me:


Sunday: Cram for Hardware exam DONE, think I did this one right

Monday: Assembler project, started it, know what I have to get done

Tuesday: Finish assembler project by midnight, do Hardware lab  (Status: EEK)

Wednesday: Study for System Software (Thoughts: shouldn’t be TOO bad)

Thursday: Heal (Thoughts: can’t wait!)

Carebear is the best!! ❤

This is good news.

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate image for this post.

So it turns out, we’re not meeting for our networking group today!  ALSO, yesterday I got the good news that my assembler project has been extended until next Tuesday AND my System Software exam has been moved until next Thursday!

This means I don’t have to pull any all-nighters and I have the entire weekend to work!

Now, why would an unlucky girl like me get such a big break?  This doesn’t make sense.  Does God feel bad for me and is giving me a second chance to ace my projects and start early?  I really don’t think so.

Then, it came to me!  Today, February 8th, is the last day for 3x exp!  So accepting God’s message, I woke up this morning at 4 am to train.  There’s a maintenance now though so I will now sleep until school.


(p.s. I knocked out that 5 hour lab last night before bed)

Troubles of a Procrastinator

This week’s schedule was pretty packed.  I was literally planning out an hour-by-hour schedule of what I had to get done for the week.  I had allocated a set number of hours for each major task I had to get done.

Hardware Lab : 5 hours

Automata Studying:   12 hours

Networking Prep and Meeting:  5 hours

Assembler Project:  26 hours

Software Studying:  6 hours

With this line-up, I would have to do an all-nighter on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  It’s ok!  I can sleep all day Friday!

Even having saved this much time for each task, the two biggest tasks, the assembler project and the systems software exam were given very little time to complete, but I just did not have more time to give to them.

So, starting Sunday night and Monday morning, I finished my hardware lab in the 5 hours I gave to it.  On track, yes!  Then I go to class and find out I DID THE WRONG FREAKING CIRCUIT.

What does this mean?  Not only do I get a huge point deduction, I would have to redo the ENTIRE lab by Wednesday!  Meaning… I need to somehow remove 5 hours from my other projects!  It’s enough to make you cry (which it did when I got back home)!  What a terrible start to an already nightmare-ish week!

On the bright side, this whole lab mix-up showed me how nice people can be.  I had gone to class early that day and my friend also happened to come early (which is weird since he always comes right when class starts).  That’s how I found out I did the wrong lab.

Right when he saw I did it wrong, he grabbed my circuit trainer (see blog post ‘School Blues’ to see what it looks like) and rushed me to the computer lab upstairs, insisting that I could get it done before class.  Of course, I knew this couldn’t be done; it’s a 5 hour lab!  But, he wouldn’t take no for an answer and hurried upstairs, holding both of our trainers (these aren’t light you know!).

While I tried to wire it up, he started working on my write-up and schematics on the computer, not even asking if I needed help or not.  I tried to do what I could with the wiring, but it was really just impossible and I knew I’d have to take the deduction and turn it in late.  I thanked him of course, but told him I would just take the deduction.

I’m so surprised that someone who I barely knew would do something like that.  Not even asking any questions, he just helped me and genuinely wanted me to get it done in time even if he had to do work that he wasn’t responsible for.  Why would he care if I failed?  It’s not even his problem!  It’s weird right?  I’m still pretty shocked by it all, but it’s a good feeling knowing that there are some truly nice people out there.

I have more to say, but I have an exam in about 2 hours!  Wish me luck!

This week’s schedule 2/6 – 2/10


Monday – Lab 3: Universal Gates due

Tuesday – Computability and Automata Exam 1

Wednesday –  Networking group meeting about SVN?

Thursday – System Software Exam 1, Assembler Program Project 2 due


Game Plan

Monday:  Finish up lab in the morning, use remaining time to study for exam until school.  Study when I get home until bed.

Tuesday:  Study until exam, take exam, figure out SVN, start assembler project after school.

Wednesday:  Study completely for System Software exam 1, work on assembler project until finished or close to finished (possible all-nighter?)

Thursday: Finish up assembler project if I fell asleep.  Turn in project at 11:59 pm.

Friday:  Sleep in until 4 pm, try to start on manga, get distracted, play MapleStory.