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The Hunger Games – Through the Eyes of Someone Who is Too Lazy to Read The Book

The movie had music?

*** I didn’t want to publish this yet, but since I accidentally pressed PUBLISH instead of save draft and SOMEONEAIL already read it, I’m just going to publish it now! ***

THIS MOVIE SUCKED.  I give it a 1 star out of 5.  Why one star if it sucked?  I thought the costumes of the multicolored hair people were nice.

Reasons why I didn’t like it:

  • The camera shook too much.  The angles were weird and the camera was all wobbly.  It made me so dizzy that I had to move further back in the empty theater to prevent throwing up in the middle of the movie.  Really, she kept running through the forest and they could have at least blurred out the forest or something, it made me so dizzy.  The fight scenes looked like they just rolled the camera around on the ground.  I couldn’t see what was going on and looking at it made me want to throw up.  I had to close my eyes during that one scene when that crazy girl attacked the main girl.  It was just too much movement!  The movie left me with a headache and I thought the nausea wouldn’t go away before class.  It took me 2 hours to recover from this movie.
  • The story was slow.  I thought it was one of those 4 hour-long-a-piece trilogy movies… it wasn’t!  : (
  • The main character was bland.  She didn’t have much of a personality did she?  UNLESS HER PERSONALITY WAS STUCK UP.  Then yeah, she did.  I didn’t even feel like she liked her little sister.
  • The side characters had no depth.  I didn’t know the names of any of the side characters.  I didn’t feel connected to any of them at all.  I could care less who dies in the damn Hunger Games!!  I didn’t even feel hatred towards the main enemy, blonde dude.  There was no background info on any other character except that weird pig scene with the one dude (which they kept playing over and over and over again for some reason? O____O)
  • The ending was weird.  Did they put a tiara on her head and end it?  I can’t remember how it ended exactly, I just felt happy it was over.
  • The trailer was better than the actual movie.  For a concept with so much potential, this sure was a painful movie to watch.  The movie trailer had more excitement than the actual movie.

Idk, maybe the book was better than the movie?  Maybe this is just a companion movie to watch after you’ve read the book?  If not, I don’t know how you could have felt anything for anyone or anything in this movie.  It just didn’t do anything for me except make me throw up a little.

To wrap it up:



Oh, no!

My fair is full, what to do?  Time to go back to reality?

Why, God?

Troubles of a Procrastinator

This week’s schedule was pretty packed.  I was literally planning out an hour-by-hour schedule of what I had to get done for the week.  I had allocated a set number of hours for each major task I had to get done.

Hardware Lab : 5 hours

Automata Studying:   12 hours

Networking Prep and Meeting:  5 hours

Assembler Project:  26 hours

Software Studying:  6 hours

With this line-up, I would have to do an all-nighter on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  It’s ok!  I can sleep all day Friday!

Even having saved this much time for each task, the two biggest tasks, the assembler project and the systems software exam were given very little time to complete, but I just did not have more time to give to them.

So, starting Sunday night and Monday morning, I finished my hardware lab in the 5 hours I gave to it.  On track, yes!  Then I go to class and find out I DID THE WRONG FREAKING CIRCUIT.

What does this mean?  Not only do I get a huge point deduction, I would have to redo the ENTIRE lab by Wednesday!  Meaning… I need to somehow remove 5 hours from my other projects!  It’s enough to make you cry (which it did when I got back home)!  What a terrible start to an already nightmare-ish week!

On the bright side, this whole lab mix-up showed me how nice people can be.  I had gone to class early that day and my friend also happened to come early (which is weird since he always comes right when class starts).  That’s how I found out I did the wrong lab.

Right when he saw I did it wrong, he grabbed my circuit trainer (see blog post ‘School Blues’ to see what it looks like) and rushed me to the computer lab upstairs, insisting that I could get it done before class.  Of course, I knew this couldn’t be done; it’s a 5 hour lab!  But, he wouldn’t take no for an answer and hurried upstairs, holding both of our trainers (these aren’t light you know!).

While I tried to wire it up, he started working on my write-up and schematics on the computer, not even asking if I needed help or not.  I tried to do what I could with the wiring, but it was really just impossible and I knew I’d have to take the deduction and turn it in late.  I thanked him of course, but told him I would just take the deduction.

I’m so surprised that someone who I barely knew would do something like that.  Not even asking any questions, he just helped me and genuinely wanted me to get it done in time even if he had to do work that he wasn’t responsible for.  Why would he care if I failed?  It’s not even his problem!  It’s weird right?  I’m still pretty shocked by it all, but it’s a good feeling knowing that there are some truly nice people out there.

I have more to say, but I have an exam in about 2 hours!  Wish me luck!

RV0000 – Evening Primrose


I bought two of these markers, RV0000!!!  I’ve never experienced sadness until today.  I shall color everything pink!!!  RAGEEEEE

Unfortunately we can’t pull orders out of the shipping queue. We also don’t
have the ability to do exchanges through Amazon’s system and we’re not
supposed to ship anything different even if we could get to the shipping
department. 😦 It’s just really limiting as opposed to our own store since
everything has to be by Amazon’s rules & agreements. 😦 As a future FYI for
you, the best thing to do if you make a mistake on an Amazon order is to
cancel it through Amazon IMMEDIATELY (I believe you have roughly 15 minutes
to cancel it) and then submit a new order.


Copic Color Confusion

Last week, I blogged about these wonderful things called Copic markers.  I had a section about misleading online color charts.  Well, I received the first half of my Copics and I was surprised to see how much different the colors actually were!

Expected Colors

Actual Colors

It might be hard to compare these two while they’re not side-by-side.  So you can get a better idea of how different they are, here are a couple of colors compared next to each other:

The black tabbed lines are expected colors with the actual color on top.

If you want a good idea of what your colors will look like but don’t have access to the markers to see the color caps, you have a couple of options.

  1. Order a handmade color chart from Copic for $15.  This is the best way, but pricey.
  2. Visit these two pages for a fairly accurate idea:  Link 1 Link 2
  3. Put your laptop on a desk, push the monitor back until it is almost flat but not broken, move away from your laptop about an arm’s reach, then squint hard.
Tilt it back this far!

Stand back and VOILA, R25 looks like it's supposed to! No more bubblegum pink!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this means I wasted my money.  I was wondering why they didn’t have a good darker palette, which is why I chose many of the darker shades.  However, this information would have been useful to know beforehand because now my collection is missing the lighter colors for highlighting!

What this all means is, when you’re purchasing your markers you should expect:

  • Colors are a couple of shades darker than what you see.
  • Color differences between blending families may actually be much more drastic.