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Sword Quest

Guys, Sword Quest is a really fun Facebook game!  All you do is craft and collect swords.  You can only do it a couple of times a day, so it doesn’t really take much out of your day like Ravenwood.  You should play this!


Oh, no!

My fair is full, what to do?  Time to go back to reality?

Why, God?


So everyone knows I’m not into Asian music.  I mean there are songs with really catchy tunes, but I can’t really get into songs where I can’t understand the lyrics!

Well, everyone has been obsessed with Asian music lately.  I don’t know, maybe it’s because I hang out with too many Asians, but all I get sent are Korean, Japanese, Filipino, and Chinese music!!

Anyways, today I was going through another email full of random J-rock/K-rock music that a classmate sent me and closing out of them as usual.

Well, while I was doing this, this Chinese dude ( >_____> -cough-) sent me this song.  I REALLY like this song.

Now, I’m like obsessed with this band >____<  They are like SO good.  I can’t even find any American female bands like this.

Omg, are they good or what?

Who knows?  Maybe I can get into Asian music afterall?

Ravenwood Fair

is the answer.

It is not an addiction.


One of the best feelings in the world is finding a new band that you love.  My current band obsession: fun.

Their name “fun.” fits them just right!  There’s a weird upbeat-ness to their songs that you can’t help but have fun as you’re singing along!

I only heard about them recently, so I was surprised to see that their album was released as far back as 2010!  I’m abusing their album right now and I’m already eager for their next album 8D

Check out their album samples too!


Copic Fever

The Leap

Warning: Extremely long and boring post.  This is more for me to refer back on in the future and for those of you on the edge about buying markers.

Getting back into drawing is one of my goals for 2012.  To motivate me, I wanted to invest in some Copic markers!

Sure these are nice markers to have, but at $6.99 each, it’s not something that ever fit my budget.

After years of wanting them, months of going back and forth, and 2 weeks of researching and weighing out the pros and cons, I finally decided to make the leap and buy them.

  • There are several options that will let you buy Copics for a lower price.
  • Copics are a better investment than online games because I’m actually learning a skill.
  • I promised my 14-year-old self that I would buy them when I could afford them.  I can’t let her down!

Why So Special?

So what are Copics? Copic markers are high-quality, blendable art markers that are known for being pricey ($6.99 MSRP for a Sketch marker).

Copics are alcohol-based instead of water-based.

When water-based markers are layered and blended they tear up the surface of most papers. Alcohol inks do not harm the paper surface. They can be layered and blended on surfaces other than paper as well. Alcohol inks are waterproof and will not wash away.

The markers BLEND, which is one of their best selling points.

Being the first alcohol-based markers in the world, Copics continue to stand out against their competitors.

  • A variety of types to choose from (Sketch, Original, Wide, Ciao)
  • Tight marker lids to prevent drying out
  • Replaceable nibs
  • REFILLABLE!  The refills will only cost under $1 each, which is cheaper than most markers that force you to rebuy the marker once it runs out.
  • 358 colors

Buying the Markers

The two types of Copics that feature a brush nib are the Sketch and Ciao.  The Ciao line is the less expensive and lighter version of the Sketch and offers 180 of the 358 colors.

Generally, it’s fine to just buy every color in Ciao form if it’s available.  Both types are refillable and the refills cost the same as the actual Sketch marker.  Each ink refill will refill your marker 7-15 times depending on which type of marker it is.  There’s no need to worry about running out because the refills are much cheaper.

Of course, it’s nicer to have the Sketch markers because of the caps having the color names on them, but is that worth $2.20 extra?  I don’t think so!

For where to buy the markers, your choices are online or at a retail store.

Store Online
 Retail price unless with coupon or sale  Sells for 25% less
 Does not carry Ciao markers  Has both Ciao and Sketch versions
Limited Colors All colors are available
Easy to buy individual markers Pricey shipping unless buying in bulk

If you’re wanting to buy only a few at a time (under $50), you should purchase them at a store to avoid shipping costs.  If you’re buying in bulk or wanting Ciao markers, online is the way to go.

For buying Copics in-store, your best bet is Hobby Lobby.  Hobby Lobby has a decent selection of colors, is usually in-stock, and gives you new markers instead of used ones that are out.  Like Michaels, Hobby Lobby often has a 40% off coupon available on their website. and are reputable online dealers for Copics.  Carpe Diem offers free shipping starting at $50 purchases while Dick Blick requires $150.  However, Dick Blick offers discounts with larger purchases.  Carpe Diem is missing a few of the new Ciaos and Dick Blick has some backordered colors. is a Google trusted site with purchase protection.

The Colors

With 358 colors to choose from, choosing which colors to buy can be hard.  For blending, you should have 3 different shades of the same color.  The natural blending families start with the same letters and first number.

For building a collection, choose a color that you like, then choose 2 other colors in the same blending family to blend it with.

Here are some good websites for color recommendations:

Color Me Copic

Debbie Hodge

I Like Markers

Sharon Harnest

Here are the colors I went with:

First Impressions

The actual use of the markers is impressive!  Because Copics have brush nibs, the ink flows smoothly and it’s easy to cover a large area in only a few strokes.

When you apply the color, it lays out evenly.  The ink stays wet long enough to get an even shade.  Also, layering won’t ruin the paper.

Blending is quite easy.  Apply the lighter color, then the darker color on top, then either blend in the separation of the two colors with the lighter color again, or use the middle color.

The markers will bleed through regular paper and leave a stain.  It can be fixed easily by using heavier paper or putting extra sheets of paper under the drawing paper.

Color Comparison (Color Chart vs. Actual)

One thing to note is that the colors might be slightly different from the online color charts depending on your monitor.  Mine were darker than I expected.

Don’t depend completely on the color charts you find online for choosing shades.  To get an accurate idea, it’s better to look at the marker cap color, which is often exactly like the actual color.

These markers are seriously so impressive that coloring something that might have taken hours with colored pencils to get an even color will take seconds.

The Verdict

Making the leap to buying Copics might be scary at first.  It’s easy to think, “I shouldn’t spend this much money on markers until I’m PRO.”  Actually, these markers are good tools for beginning artists to actually improve their drawing skills.

It’s hard to learn when you have to battle against your own tools.  Copic markers are so easy to use that even beginners will be able to use them.  They can concentrate more on the actual drawing part or start practicing their shading and blending.

Expensive art supplies will not make you a good artist.  However, better tools can help a starting artist have an easier learning experience which might encourage them to practice more and motivate them to stick with it.

If you’re dead set on learning and are willing to practice, you might as well buy a few of the better quality art supplies because they will be a worthwhile investment.

The Bottom line:  Totally worth it! 

Helpful Links

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