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Bishies All Over

Our dream guys… + cats with mustaches.







Here are the real predictions for 2012.

Katie is married to Hyun Joong Kim, is a dentist, makes 300k, car is a Lamborghini, and has a pet monkey, and lives in a house…

Boo lives in an outhouse with Johnny Depp.  (They’re SUPER close) and together they have 6 kids while Boo is a programmer.  They ride around in their broken truck, carrying 100 million dollars (probably from Johnny Depp) And they spend time in their outhouse with their pet… Miyu’s baby.

Miyu lives in an apartment and has half a kid with Billy Joe Armstrong.  She makes 9.2 bil as a gangster and takes her pet hamster with her as she rides across town on her child’s back.

Andy is happily married with Katie living in their meager apartment with their 27 kids.  Andy drives to work as a male nurse in his sky blue car, eager to work for his $50 a year salary.  Andy’s best friend is his pet black man.

Rabid lives a fulfilling life with his loving wife Carebear.  There is plenty of room in their mansion for their 3 kids and dog to play.  His job as a programmer provides him with 2 cars, but it’s kind of weird because he only makes $10,000 a year.  His wife must have a great job!

Carebear is married to Arnold Schwarzenegger with one kid.  Her job is a lawyer and she owns a Rams car.  She has a -$100,000 salary, a pet wolf, and a house.

Wow, 6 kids with Johnny Depp in a small enclosed area?  WELCOME 2012!!!