Anime Goals for the Summer


24 episodes

Recommended by:  Miyu

Thoughts:  Never really heard much about it, but I’ve seen the name a couple of times.  I think it may be because Miyu was mentioning it but I have no idea.

I honestly have no idea what this anime could even be about.  Looks kind of sci-fi/futuristic-ish?  Who knows!  We’ll see!

One Piece

544 episodes (ongoing)

Recommended by:  Andy

Thoughts:  I’ve been watching this throughout the semester when I have free time.  It’s pretty good!  The art style is cute and the stories are alright, but the best part is the crew.

I just got through the part where they find Chopper (whose voice is TAMAMA) and he’s THE BEST.  The crew has interesting members and they can pretty much do anything and you’ll enjoy it just because it’s them (You know, like with Katie and HJK).

Naruto Shippuden

259 episodes (ongoing)

Recommended by:  Katie

Thoughts:  I really liked this series when I was younger, but it just took forever for more episodes to get released.  When you have to wait for like 2 months for a battle to finish, it kind of loses its energy.

Plus, Katie has been begging me to finish this anime for like ever, so I might as well knock this one out.

Sgt. Frog

358 episodes/78 English (ongoing)

Recommended by: Pup

Thoughts:  LOVE this series!  This series is just so funny and light-hearted.  It can be watched in small doses and still be enjoyed, unlike some more serious anime.

I’m only going to watch the English ones because I feel like they’re funnier and the jokes are more relevant than in Japanese.

I’ll definitely start with episode 1 for this one.

FMA: Brotherhood

64 episodes

Recommended by:  Miyu

Thoughts:  I liked the concept of this anime, the art is great, and the characters are likeable.  I guess the only reason I never got far with this anime is lack of time.

I had seen the beginning of the original anime and it was really interesting, but   I’m glad I postponed watching it because now I can watch the better remade version!

Natsume Yuujincho San/Shi

26 episodes
Recommended by:  Myself

Thoughts:  I saw the first 2 seasons and loved them.  I didn’t know there were more seasons available!

This one is mainly about separate short stories, but each story is interesting and the art is great.  Maybe they’ll put more focus on the main character for these next seasons?

Also, it’s Kakashi in talking cat form!

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

50 episodes

Recommended by:  Andy

Thoughts:  I’m not really even sure about this one.  While I was googling it, I kept finding pictures of girls in their underwear. >__>

Andy insists it’s like the best anime ever, and his last recommendation (Steins Gate) was worth it, so I’ll give this one a shot.  Also, this was listed in the most popular anime, so it might actually be good?

Bunny Drop

11 episodes

Recommended by:  Myself

Thoughts:  Ok, the picture might look like a pedo with his victim, but this anime isn’t about that! (I hope)

It’s about a father raising his daughter or something along those lines.  It got fairly good reviews, and it’s only 11 episodes long, so I thought I might try this one out.

Hopefully, it’s not a copy of Aishiteruze Baby.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

12 episodes

Recommended by:  Myself

Thoughts:  I haven’t seen a magical girl anime since like Cardcaptor Sakura, so it’ll be interesting to see how the genre has changed.

I wasn’t sure if I should watch this before I wrote my manga because it might somehow affect how I write my manga, but I think that it’s better to see what’s current in the magic girl genre so mine can be current too!

Paranoia Agent

13 episodes

Recommended by:  Dash

Thoughts:  Ok, so maybe this wasn’t DIRECTLY recommended by Dash, but I was going through his blog posts and saw this pink thing and now I have to watch it I just have to!!  >___<

More Anime…

  • Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) – 26 episodes
  • Fate/Zero – 13 episodes
  • Tiger & Bunny – 25 episodes
  • Toriko – 52 episodes
  • Un-Go – 11 episodes
  • [C] – 11 episodes
  • Gosick – 24 episodes
  • Mawaru Penduindrum – 24 episodes
  • Hanasaku Iroha – 26 episodes
  • Ano hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day) – 11 episodes
    • mooimmapiggy
    • April 27th, 2012

    DURARARA!! 8D It is about Ikebukuro and the people in it! With a guy throwing a vending machine, an underground doctor, and information gatherer, and MY FAVORITE: The legend of the headless motorcyler! This is it. I cannot tell you more. >____>

    I heard Paranoia Agent was good, but I thought it was scary O____O I will copy you and make an anime list!

    • OK I now know it’s about ikebukuro. TY THIS EXPLAINS IT


      Ok! Post your list 8D YAYYY

        • mooimmapiggy
        • April 27th, 2012

        OH MAN. I didn’t really see that bottom note.

        I watched the first episode of [C] (or maybe 2) but like it didn’t grab me! or maybe it was a bit slow. I need to watch it again though because I watched it when it was just coming out and had to stop because there was no more episodes. BUT I LOVE THE ENDING SONG.

        I heard of Tiger & Bunny too and it’s supposedly good! Like, this is the same person that recommended Durarara to me, but I bet there might be a hint of yaoi in it. (a hint means like no one besides the yaoi fangirls will probably notice it) I’ve been meaning to watc it!

        • Wait, does this mean Durarara has yaoi in it?

          • Oh no, miyu what have you done. *shakes head sadly while boo locks herself away for a week*

            • mooimmapiggy
            • April 28th, 2012

            NO. It just has two guys that a lot of girls pair up . . .

  1. Which of these have english dubs? I can’t read so this is pretty much the deciding factor in whether I watch one or not >___>

    • English dubs: Naruto, One Piece, Kenichi, Durarara, FMA, Sgt. Frog

  2. That’s totally true. Anything with HJK is awesome. Also, I can’t wait to watch Naruto (you’ve only been promising me for the last 2 years), and I do like FMA!

  3. and One Piece and Natsume Yuujin Chou!

  4. OMG I was SO thinking about you when I wrote that! But I figured, its cute. Julie probably knows about it already. You HAVE TO watch this anime Julie! You just HAVE TO!

    • I’m going to! But I heard it was scary!

        • dash-cohen
        • April 30th, 2012

        It IS scary probably >.<

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