The Hunger Games – Through the Eyes of Someone Who is Too Lazy to Read The Book

The movie had music?

*** I didn’t want to publish this yet, but since I accidentally pressed PUBLISH instead of save draft and SOMEONEAIL already read it, I’m just going to publish it now! ***

THIS MOVIE SUCKED.  I give it a 1 star out of 5.  Why one star if it sucked?  I thought the costumes of the multicolored hair people were nice.

Reasons why I didn’t like it:

  • The camera shook too much.  The angles were weird and the camera was all wobbly.  It made me so dizzy that I had to move further back in the empty theater to prevent throwing up in the middle of the movie.  Really, she kept running through the forest and they could have at least blurred out the forest or something, it made me so dizzy.  The fight scenes looked like they just rolled the camera around on the ground.  I couldn’t see what was going on and looking at it made me want to throw up.  I had to close my eyes during that one scene when that crazy girl attacked the main girl.  It was just too much movement!  The movie left me with a headache and I thought the nausea wouldn’t go away before class.  It took me 2 hours to recover from this movie.
  • The story was slow.  I thought it was one of those 4 hour-long-a-piece trilogy movies… it wasn’t!  : (
  • The main character was bland.  She didn’t have much of a personality did she?  UNLESS HER PERSONALITY WAS STUCK UP.  Then yeah, she did.  I didn’t even feel like she liked her little sister.
  • The side characters had no depth.  I didn’t know the names of any of the side characters.  I didn’t feel connected to any of them at all.  I could care less who dies in the damn Hunger Games!!  I didn’t even feel hatred towards the main enemy, blonde dude.  There was no background info on any other character except that weird pig scene with the one dude (which they kept playing over and over and over again for some reason? O____O)
  • The ending was weird.  Did they put a tiara on her head and end it?  I can’t remember how it ended exactly, I just felt happy it was over.
  • The trailer was better than the actual movie.  For a concept with so much potential, this sure was a painful movie to watch.  The movie trailer had more excitement than the actual movie.

Idk, maybe the book was better than the movie?  Maybe this is just a companion movie to watch after you’ve read the book?  If not, I don’t know how you could have felt anything for anyone or anything in this movie.  It just didn’t do anything for me except make me throw up a little.

To wrap it up:


    • mooimmapiggy
    • April 25th, 2012

    This is why I didn’t like the movie! >_____> I don’t even know why it got such good reviews and I LOVED the books!

    The thing I HATED was what they did with the characters! I will use Peeta as an example as I love Peeta and we already talked about Rue. Katniss was supposed to be unsure of how to treat Peeta during the games. They were against each other, so of course they had to be rivals, but Katniss was the type to hate having an unpaid debt . . . which she had with Peeta. Cue the pig scene! Katniss was starving out in the road, losing hope. That’s when Peeta risked getting a beating and “accidentally” burnt the bread to which he gave to Katniss instead of the pigs. This had a BIG impact on Katniss as she could feed her family and she got a new hope. Because of that, Katniss DID NOT want to kill Peeta as he had already saved her! So, her feelings for Peeta starts changing from distrust, respect, to betrayal, to trust as this goes on in her head.

    I would say Katniss was a bit stuck-up in the book, but her sister was the number one thing she loved!

    • OK, I DID NOT get this from the pig scene at all! To me it looked like she HATED Peeta in the beginning because he was throwing pig food at her. O____O In no way did I think that she was grateful for him throwing bread at her. I thought, MAN this girl must have been SCARRED from that one moment since it keeps playing in her head!

    • I didn’t get the whole burnt bread thing either. It just looked like she was a beggar and that the dude tossed bread at her.

  1. 1.) The fighting did suck. They never showed them attacking each other. They just showed people running at each other, then the camera would flash to different parts of the grass, and they’d look back at the people and they’d be dead/injured.
    2.) Yeah the story was slow. There wasn’t really anything happening. The romance was invisible/awkward/uncomfortable (nothing led you to believe that they should really be together). The ending was anticlimactic. The blueberry part just worsened it’s corniness.
    3.) You’re right, I felt no relation to the side characters, and I felt even less related to the main character. I didn’t know the names either.

    HOWEVER, I did like the concepts. A lot of them made me want to write my own story and gave inspiration.
    1.) I liked the visuals of the whole thing. I liked the costumes and design. The hair, facial hair, the colors, and the outfits with the fire and stuff were visually appealing. It gave a fantasy appeal to the movie that seemed similar to Harry Potter. (I loved the train scene in the first HP with the people coming out of chocolate character cards, different foods on the tray cart, going through walls, etc. It’s like when you go on vacation and explore a new place, but the boundaries are limitless) I liked the contrast between the two designs of the two worlds. It was like a new world type of thing.
    2.) I also liked the concepts of the movie. I liked the idea of “fighting to the death”. They could have used more interesting tactics for killing each other using deceit, wit and strength to get each other. I didn’t see any tactics that really stood out.
    3.) I liked the idea of using fame and popularity to get things. They could’ve played on that idea more to make the story more entertaining. The blonde dude could have played to his strengths and instead of being weak and hiding all the time, he could’ve used his charisma (if they gave him some) to play to the audience and create a monopoly that led him to win and become a competitor for the main girl who would have to beg him to live. That would force her to pretend to like him and the story would have been much more interesting in my opinion.

      • mooimmapiggy
      • April 28th, 2012

      They actually did number 3 on good things in the book! 8D It made it much more suspenseful and the main character was struggling with it because not a lot of people really like her. Peeta sorta used his talent in speaking and charisma to sway the people and the final blow was the sob story: starcrossed lovers which will have the people rooting for them not to die!

      You should read the books too! 8D It’s wayyyy better.

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