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Upcoming Schedule

It’s down to the final 4 weeks of the semester and here’s what I have lined up:

Week 1

Tuesday: Networking assignment 2

Thursday: System Software paper review

Week 2

Tuesday: Networking demo 2

Thursday: Complete System Software assembler program

Friday: Automata program 2

Week 3

Tuesday: Networking paper/exam

Wednesday: Hardware final

Week 4

Thursday: System software final

SO, I need to knock out as many of these I can during the weekends or they’re all potential all-nighters!  I’ll do my blog updates of everything that has been happening sometime after all these have settled down.  See you then!




Bishies All Over

Our dream guys… + cats with mustaches.





Welcome home, Miyu!

Exactly one month ago, Miyu posted:

I have a challenge for myself: Not going on MSN so often. I feel like I’m wasting my time there. The goal is a month starting today!

However, I will be blogging, Maplestory (rarely, but for events), participating in the manga and free to email.


A month later! That’s the date of our manga deadline! Let’s do this!

This means, TODAY, she’s coming back!!  I marked this day on my calendar and finally the day has come!

I’ll be waiting for you on MSN MIYU DON’T LET ME DOWN.

Sword Quest

Guys, Sword Quest is a really fun Facebook game!  All you do is craft and collect swords.  You can only do it a couple of times a day, so it doesn’t really take much out of your day like Ravenwood.  You should play this!