Troubles of a Procrastinator

This week’s schedule was pretty packed.  I was literally planning out an hour-by-hour schedule of what I had to get done for the week.  I had allocated a set number of hours for each major task I had to get done.

Hardware Lab : 5 hours

Automata Studying:   12 hours

Networking Prep and Meeting:  5 hours

Assembler Project:  26 hours

Software Studying:  6 hours

With this line-up, I would have to do an all-nighter on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  It’s ok!  I can sleep all day Friday!

Even having saved this much time for each task, the two biggest tasks, the assembler project and the systems software exam were given very little time to complete, but I just did not have more time to give to them.

So, starting Sunday night and Monday morning, I finished my hardware lab in the 5 hours I gave to it.  On track, yes!  Then I go to class and find out I DID THE WRONG FREAKING CIRCUIT.

What does this mean?  Not only do I get a huge point deduction, I would have to redo the ENTIRE lab by Wednesday!  Meaning… I need to somehow remove 5 hours from my other projects!  It’s enough to make you cry (which it did when I got back home)!  What a terrible start to an already nightmare-ish week!

On the bright side, this whole lab mix-up showed me how nice people can be.  I had gone to class early that day and my friend also happened to come early (which is weird since he always comes right when class starts).  That’s how I found out I did the wrong lab.

Right when he saw I did it wrong, he grabbed my circuit trainer (see blog post ‘School Blues’ to see what it looks like) and rushed me to the computer lab upstairs, insisting that I could get it done before class.  Of course, I knew this couldn’t be done; it’s a 5 hour lab!  But, he wouldn’t take no for an answer and hurried upstairs, holding both of our trainers (these aren’t light you know!).

While I tried to wire it up, he started working on my write-up and schematics on the computer, not even asking if I needed help or not.  I tried to do what I could with the wiring, but it was really just impossible and I knew I’d have to take the deduction and turn it in late.  I thanked him of course, but told him I would just take the deduction.

I’m so surprised that someone who I barely knew would do something like that.  Not even asking any questions, he just helped me and genuinely wanted me to get it done in time even if he had to do work that he wasn’t responsible for.  Why would he care if I failed?  It’s not even his problem!  It’s weird right?  I’m still pretty shocked by it all, but it’s a good feeling knowing that there are some truly nice people out there.

I have more to say, but I have an exam in about 2 hours!  Wish me luck!

  1. Every time I lose faith in humanity, a random act of kindness like this restores it! Even the smallest gestures can mean so much. That’s really sweet of your friend, make sure you remember to pay him back the next time you see him in trouble with something!

    What a nightmare though, how did this happen! Does this mean that you were struggling with it because it was the wrong one, or is the other one no better? I’m sure we can knock 5 hours off your assembler project, let me know when you’re going to be working on it and I’ll set some time aside for you.

    If my calculations are correct, your exam is in 30 minutes… HOPEFULLY YOU ARE READY FOR IT AND DON’T SEE THIS UNTIL AFTERWARDS! GOOD LUCK! xx

    • Yeah! I need to pay him back somehow! I see him like everyday though so I’ll have plenty of chances.

      Well, there were like two functions that we had to work out and we had to wire up just one of them. I accidentally wired the wrong one of the two >___> They’re basically the same! It just takes a while to work it all out.

      Also thanks for the offer XD Hopefully it doesn’t take over 20 hours, but I set aside that much time because that’s what I’ve been hearing O___O

    • mooimmapiggy
    • February 7th, 2012

    I think even if I failed the project, seeing someone’s kindness would make my life a whole lot better than an A. Everytime my classmates show that I can count on them for support or even if they wonder if I’m alright, it always makes my day way brighter than it was! 8D

    Which guy was it? It sounds like fate! Did the wrong project, guy who’s usually late comes, helps you! 8D

    I think you should be taking your exam so YOU DID GOOD ON IT!

    • ITS THAT GUY YOU KNOW THE GUY. The one who I had classes with like 2 years ago and then now we have like almost all our classes together. He’s pretty nice it turns out!

    • dash-cohen
    • February 8th, 2012

    This friend of yours sounds like a really great guy. Sort of like a knight in shining armor you could say. I think it’s great when even strangers take the time out of their day to help someone and end up making a huge impact on their life and they don’t even know what a difference it made. It just goes to show that their are some good seeds left on the planet despite all the rottenness.

    How did your test go? Knowing you you probably finished w/i minutes and aced it anyway =P

  2. Oh man, this reminds me of when I was walking through that long sidewalk thing on my way to class like two years ago, and then I fell down, and just as I was about to get up to see if anyone saw (so I wouldn’t look like an idiot and have to hide my face) this pretty dude asked if I needed help. (This shows you have to fall more often 8D)

    • Man Katie, you always have to throw this story in whenever you can, geeze. Like you’ve never seen a pretty dude before.

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