The Pressure Is On!

Since there is only month left for our magazine submissions, I’ve really started trying hard to get my manga going.  I think everyone else is also starting to get into drawing mode.  Have you started drawing yet?  A reminder:

The first chapter is the most important chapter!

Have you thought about this, eh eh?

The first chapter has a lot of information to pack into it!  It has to SET THE SCENE.  LAY IT ALL OUT.  Tell the reader what to expect in the whole manga!

  • Introduce the main character and show his/her personality.
  • Introduce some of the main  players.
  • Set the scenario, what’s it all about?
  • End with a killer cliffhanger to make the reader want more.

Still going for only 15 pages?  Can you cram that much information in 15 pages??  Well CAN YOU?

If you haven’t started thinking about the impact this first chapter is going to make, you better start thinking now!

I added some examples to help you guys start thinking!

Good luck people!

Some Examples

Ranma 1/2

Length:  30 pages

Main characters introduced:  6

Scenario:  The Tendo family is expecting a family friend and his son to live with them.  The son is set to be married to one of the three Tendo daughters.  When the father and son arrive, it turns out that Ranma is actually a girl.

Cliffhanger:  The Tendo family discovers that Ranma is actually a male who can turn into a girl!

Marmalade Boy

Length: 42 pages

Main characters introduced:  8

Scenario:  Miki’s life is turned upside down when she finds out that her parents are getting divorced.  To make it worse, her parents are switching partners with another couple!  Not only that, the two couples will be living together under the same roof!  With their son!  Although their son, Yuu, looks cool, he turns out to be a prankster who gives Miki a hard time.  He ends up going to the same school with Miki.

Cliffhanger:  Yuu shows some interest in Miki as he gets jealous when her best friend tells him that Miki confessed her love to another friend who rejected her.

Death Note

Length:  50 pages

Main characters introduced:  2

Scenario:  A high school boy, Light,  finds a strange notebook on the ground.  He starts to read the notebook which says that whoever’s name is written in the book will die.  A shinigami, death god,  appears and confirms that the notebook is true, explaining how it works to Light.  Being curious, Light tries the book out and successfully kills a criminal.

Cliffhanger:  Light decides that he’s going to use the Death Note to kill off all the criminals and evil people to create a world full of only the kind-hearted people he accepts.  He declares that he’s going to be “the god of this new world.”

    • mooimmapiggy
    • February 2nd, 2012

    I CAN FIT ALL OF THIS INTO 15 PAGES! Unless I add a bunch of extra information, but then that takes a lot of work and not nearly as much time to do in a month!

    I’m definitely doing humor despite what I said yesterday. I scared myself too much.

    • YOU ARE WONDER WOMAN. 15 pages! I will fit mine in 5!! Then I’ll fill the remainder with people dancing!

    • dash-cohen
    • February 2nd, 2012

    Great job on the tutorial! I’ve been trying to follow the guidelines as best I can, I have a scenario set in mind but only 2 main characters. I didn’t even think about a cliffhanger or notice all the other characters in those books for that matter. But since I haven’t started writing I will see what I can squeeze in…Good Luck guys!

    • I haven’t started writing either O___O

  1. I haven’t started writing either, I can’t remember marmalade boy. I have to reread first chs, but there’s so much hw and if I try to read the first chs, I end up reading the whole mangas! Their cliffhangers are just that good! O_____O

    • Boo
    • February 11th, 2012

    Reblogged this on P.O.M.E.R.A.N.I.A.N..

  1. May 1st, 2012

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