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Parachute and Secondhand Serenade Concert!

Today my sisters and I went to a concert at my university.  The concert was Secondhand Serenade and Parachute.

I don’t know many songs by Parachute, but the few I do know sound nice.  Secondhand Serenade is a great band, similar to Dashboard Confessional.

They’re not really on my OMG need to see before I die list, but I went anyways!  I mainly went because it was free, I know the bands, I could hang out with my sisters and I really just love concerts.

We waited a long time, but it was totally worth it!  We ended up FRONT ROW, right up against the stage.  We could lean on the stage and there weren’t any people humping us from behind like there usually are because there were separate rows.

The first act was Parachute.  I don’t know how I feel about them after I watched them live.  I think that the few songs I do know by them are their only good songs.  The rest of the songs were kind of boring.

I was disappointed with them starting off because I didn’t get that concert rush of hearing the music blasting in my ears and the crowd going wild.  In fact, the crowd was like falling asleep.

Also, the singer smacked my hand really hard when I wasn’t expecting it, then the second time I reached out and he ignored me.  : (

Also, his tummy was a bit plumper than it looks in the videos, he was wearing a weird sleeveless shirt, and he spit a lot!

But on the plus side, he has the same bracelet as me, which is kind of weird because I got mine in the Philippines under a bridge.  Where did he get his?

The second act, Secondhand Serenade, was AWESOME.  I was like omg, he sounds just as good live as he does on the radio.  All their songs were great, wasn’t bored during any of them.  Also, the music was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think.

Then, when I was all daydreaming, the singer came up to me and hugged me for a long time!


Even though he was all sweaty and stuff and I don’t know his first name, I still felt blood rush to my head after he hugged me.

I think I’ll listen more to his music now!  And learn his name one day!

What a great day!  Katie came out like a bandit, stealing a bunch of stuff for souvenirs.  This was Rafe’s first concert and I think she really enjoyed it.

It was a definitely a concert I’ll never forget!


The Lazies

Important Dates that are coming up:

Thursday, 2/23:  Networks Assignment 1

Friday, 2/24:  Secondhand Serenade and Parachute concert

Wednesday, 2/29: Computing and Engineering Job Fair, Hardware Lab

Thursday, 3/1:  Networks Midterm Exam

Tuesday, 3/6:  Networks Project #1 Demo

Thursday, 3/8:  Automata Program 1, Systems Project 3

As you can see I have a lot of very big assignments to do in the next 3 weeks.  If I don’t start on them now, I’m definitely going to die.  The problem is, I can’t seem to get motivated.  I REALLY need to get motivated.  But how do I do this?


Results from the last week:

Hardware Exam:  87%  (wth)

Hardware Lab:  Not returned

Software Exam:  99%

Software Assembler Project:  100%


What I’d rather be doing:

  • Drawing
  • Testing out paper
  • Ravenwood
  • Music

Oh, no!

My fair is full, what to do?  Time to go back to reality?

Why, God?

生日快乐 Andy!








Happy 17th Chinese boy!

My gift is that I learned Chinese for you!

Manga Preview

THIS WAS POSTED AT 11:09 PM, I will have it full by the end of the weekend!

This is a medical reason.  I have an addiction that I’m trying to work through right now.

Here’s some information about my manga:

  • Main character: Drift, blue hair, element ice
  • She’s got magic, she goes to a school.
  • She’s 10.
  • She’s got some issues to work through.

IMMA HAVE A FULL BLOWN PREVIEW BY THE END OF THE WEEKEND REALLY.  (The end of the weekend for me is really like Monday-ish, just saying)


So everyone knows I’m not into Asian music.  I mean there are songs with really catchy tunes, but I can’t really get into songs where I can’t understand the lyrics!

Well, everyone has been obsessed with Asian music lately.  I don’t know, maybe it’s because I hang out with too many Asians, but all I get sent are Korean, Japanese, Filipino, and Chinese music!!

Anyways, today I was going through another email full of random J-rock/K-rock music that a classmate sent me and closing out of them as usual.

Well, while I was doing this, this Chinese dude ( >_____> -cough-) sent me this song.  I REALLY like this song.

Now, I’m like obsessed with this band >____<  They are like SO good.  I can’t even find any American female bands like this.

Omg, are they good or what?

Who knows?  Maybe I can get into Asian music afterall?