School Blues

Lately, I’ve been busy with school.  It’s 3 weeks into the new semester now and I’m struggling to catch up with everything!  This coming week is project week and the week after are the first exams.  I’m totally behind on all my reading!

This semester has been hectic so far.  I’m having a hard time learning the new concepts and it feels like they’re expecting us to know these things right off the bat.

For example, the Cadet II Trainer.

I just stuck wires in the holes.

What the hell is this even?  My teacher gave us each one and told us to know how to use it by the next class.  There was nothing about this clunky machine thingy in the textbooks and the lab 1 instructions that he gave us were hardly understandable!

Power the logic probe (wire +5V to the Vcc input for the probe), and plug a long wire into any of the input connection points for the probe.  The other end of this wire is what is user to actually “probe,” looking for logic 0 (green), logic 1 (red), and pulse (a 0 to 1 or 1 to 0 signal transition).  Verify the probe’s operation by using the probe wire to check for “live” points on the trainer – locate both logic 0 (green) and logic 1 (red) points.  The “mem” feature of the probe is used to detect a pulse signal of too short a duration for the probe’s lights to react otherwise.  Apply the probe to the trainer’s TTL “clock” signal to determine the difference between the “mem” and “pulse” settings.

Am I supposed to understand this?  It took me hours to figure out how to use this thing.  My other classes are just as bad.

School notes from each class

I know this won’t be another Stats nightmare type of thing, I just need to try to figure it all out in the next couple of weeks.  Once I understand everything, I’m sure this semester won’t be as hectic.  The only comfort is knowing that my classmates are just as lost and confused as I am!  I’m meeting a lot of new people and it’s kind of stressful too since I’m not used to socializing with so many people.  I think it’ll be useful though, since we’ll be able to help each other out in our classes.

The weekend went by so fast and I have another traumatizing week ahead of me!

    • mooimmapiggy
    • January 22nd, 2012

    You should start getting ahead of the game before exams come!
    You can do it! (or it can be like stats and the teacher will work around everyone when he/she finds out their class is failing)

  1. You can do it, boo! Once you figure out the basics the rest should be a LOT easier. I’ll help with the programming classes, with pikachu analogies.

    Getting used to socialising with lots of people might take a little longer to get used to, but it’ll be more useful than knowing how to tell the difference between a mem and a pulse signal, whatever they are.

    What is the difference, anyway?

    • dash-cohen
    • January 25th, 2012

    DW things will get better *pat pat*. I have confidence in you my friend you are the only one who understands the IOIO concept.

    • I have no idea what this means. O___O

        • dash-cohen
        • January 29th, 2012

        The IOIO concept that I couldn’t understand from my computer class. I’m not sure if it was 1’s or 0’s. I like how you put quotes around your teacher’s instructions. Did you just insert a picture or is there a way to manually add parenthesis/indentation to wordpress that i don’t know about?

        • There’s a block quote feature when you write posts. Just highlight what you want to block quote and click the button!

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