One of the best feelings in the world is finding a new band that you love.  My current band obsession: fun.

Their name “fun.” fits them just right!  There’s a weird upbeat-ness to their songs that you can’t help but have fun as you’re singing along!

I only heard about them recently, so I was surprised to see that their album was released as far back as 2010!  I’m abusing their album right now and I’m already eager for their next album 8D

Check out their album samples too!


  1. OMG did you wake up early just so you could make sure you posted this before I finished writing my music review post? How did you even know? STALKER! Now it looks like I’m copying you THANKS

    I love these guys though, was it me who sent them to you? Did you know the singer’s the guy from The Format (remember them, from like 2006?). Everything this guy touches turns to AWESOME.

    • COOL! I’m going to stalk The Format now after I finish all my work for this week! I only heard of fun. recently on the radio, like a couple of months ago. I thought they were a new band until I looked them up! (and YES I DID wake up early just to post this because I knew you were going to make a post like this)

    • mooimmapiggy
    • January 17th, 2012

    They’re alright, but definitely something new! I think if I listened to it enough, it would grow on me and it would be like the best thing ever! O____O

  2. Funny julie

  3. did you show me this song or i showed you o_o? i cant remember

    • Omg, Andy! I’ve showed this song to you a few times! I WISH YOU’D SHOW ME SONGS LIKE THIS!

    • dash-cohen
    • January 18th, 2012

    ty julie now I can’t get this song stuck out of my head. this and the other one you mentioned…wat was it? ok what are you doing to me lol

  4. That’s what we’re missing in our lives, Boo. Moustaches! ( 😀 Let’s go get some!

      • mooimmapiggy
      • January 18th, 2012

      We already Tetris cursed you with moustaches O_____O

    • Silly, like anyone would believe we don’t already have one

  1. January 17th, 2012

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