Project Oh My Eggplant! Really? Another New Idea? Ack… NO!

What is P.O.M.E.R.A.N.I.A.N?

This is a project to create a comic magazine!  For those of you who haven’t seen one, it’s basically a magazine with various artists/authors who release monthly chapters of their comic series!

Don’t worry if you aren’t comfortable with drawing because there’s the option of contributing to the magazine in other ways.

Our deadline target for the first magazine is March 3rd.

Have fun!

How It Works

You have one month to complete your work for the magazine.  Scan it in or take a picture of the pages and send it to whoever is in charge.  We’ll put it together to make the magazine!

General Guidelines

These are the general guidelines so far, if you have any suggestions, I’ll add them.

  • Each chapter should be at least 15 pages long.
  • No X-rated images.
  • The comic does not have to be in any certain style.  It can mimic Japanese mangas, Korean manhwas, Archie comics, Marvel, stick figures, Sanrio, Peanuts, or any other style.
  • Black and white or colored is fine.
  • A chapter cover page with the title and drawing should be included.
  • After the first month, a “Story So Far…” page should begin the chapter that shows the characters and a short summary of the story so far.
  • If the comic is read a different way other than left to right, a note should be included somewhere on the title page.
  • Magazine covers and mini images should be in full color.


Here are the jobs that we have so far.  There isn’t a limit of how many of each job there is, so contribute to as many as you want!  Also, add suggestions if you’d like.

Comic Artist

Draw a comic series for the magazine!  You will have to draw one chapter of your comic series each month.


Write articles for the magazine!  The topics are entirely up to you.  Some suggestions that are typically used in comic magazines are fashion, culture, history of comics, and trends.


Create ads for the magazine!  Create as many advertisements as you can contribute to the magazine.  The products can be made up or real.  How you make the ads is up to you.


In order to make the magazine more diverse, we decided that we should have people doing different genres of comics!  Even if the genre you wanted to do was taken, maybe you should try another genre that you’re not as used to!  Let us know which genre you’re interested in.

Shoujo/School Life/Romance: (examples: Marmalade Boy, Parfait Tic, Paradise Kiss)

Action/Fantasy/Adventure:  (examples: Naruto, Bleach, DBZ) Taken by Andy

Psychological/Thriller/Suspense: (examples: Death Note, Liar Game, Monster) Taken by Katie

Horror/Occult: (examples: Pet Shop of Horrors, Vampire Princess Miyu, Gantz)

Magic School Girl:  (examples: Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew) Taken by Boo

Mecha/Futuristic: (examples: Gurren Lagann, Gundam, Code Geass)

Sports/Competition: (examples: Prince of Tennis, Hajime No Ippo, Hikaru No Go)

Drama/Tragedy: (examples: Mars, Wish, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) Taken by Dash

Harem/Romance: (examples: Love Hina, Sayonara Zetsubisan, Strawberry 100%)

Slapstick/Comedy/Random: (examples: Ranma 1/2, School Rumble, Lucky Star) Taken by Miyu

Hentai: (examples: contact Andy)

Magazine Title and Cover

The magazine cover will feature a picture of one of the comics in the magazine.  We’re hoping to alternate drawing the cover, but the order isn’t set yet.  Whoever has time to draw the cover that month should be the one who draws it.  Other participating comics should also provide a small full colored picture of their manga to be placed on the cover as well.

For the title of the magazine, we’re looking for suggestions or feedback on the ones that we’ve thought of so far!  Be sure to vote or add a suggestion!

    • mooimmapiggy
    • January 9th, 2012

    I’m so excited! wheeee 8D

    I think I’ll wait for people to choose before picking a genre because I’m torn between a few . . .

    If we name it Pomeranian, we can do like a “Where’s Waldo?” 8D We each have a hidden Pomeranian in our chapters!

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