Weird Day

Today I passed by this popular bar that I’ve never been inside before and I decided that maybe I should check it out.  Well, I went inside and saw Andy there.  OMG was he drunk!  So, yeah, I went up to him and I slapped him.  I’m not quite sure why, but at the time it seemed like a good idea.  He was too drunk to notice that I slapped him, so I slapped him harder.  Thinking back, I shouldn’t have done that because it ended up making a really loud noise and it made everyone in the bar stare at me.

I tried to avoid the awkwardness by sneaking out of the bar, but before I could exit, I heard a husky Irish accent yelling at me to come back.  When I turned around, I saw Ail there in the weirdest dress ever.  Ail was all, “Why are you slapping my hubby!”  My jaw dropped of course.  I mean, like, he always has some pretty strange dresses, but this one was something even Lady Gaga wouldn’t wear.  I didn’t have time to ask him about it though because next thing I knew, he took out a BB gun and started shooting gumballs at me.

I ran out of the bar but all the gumballs that hit me made me look like a spotted cheetah.  Yes, the gumballs were that big, ok.  Ail was still chasing after me, so I hid inside a nearby bush.  Well, I ended up accidentally stepping on someone’s hand or something because I heard a loud yell.  When I turned around to see what it was, it was Miyu peeing in the bushes.  It was awkward for both of us, so I just waved hello and slowly moved out.

As soon as I stepped out of the bushes, I found myself tangled in a net.  Right next to me was Katie in a strange safari outfit jumping up and down and cheering that she finally caught a jaguar.  Of course I corrected her and told her that I’m closer to a cheetah, but she wouldn’t listen.  She took out a pokeball from her pocket and insisted that I hopped inside.  I told her that it was impossible because the ball was so small, but she decided that it would be best if she cremated me first then put me inside.  I agreed and told her to find a burner, so she went off to look for the oven.

I waited a couple of hours for her before I gave up and decided to walk away.  I guess I forgot that I still had a net over me and ended up tripping someone with it.  It turned out to be Carebear!  I helped her up and she helped cut me out of the net.  She’s always so sweet! She gave me a pretty Scooby Doo sticker to put on my forehead too.

I hadn’t realized that it was already 8 pm and it was getting dark out.  The light from a nearby building looked safer than the dark outside, so I slipped inside.  Well, the place looked familiar, kind of, yeah like the bar I had been in earlier.  I went to sit down at the bar to just rest my head.  A couple of minutes later, a tap on the shoulder woke me up.  I looked up to see Andy, but wasn’t fast enough to avoid his slap on my face.  That bastard walked off with my Scooby Doo sticker.  What a weird day.

  1. That is one weird day!! O__O seems like a dream xD but that is really weird…. Really weird…..

    • mooimmapiggy
    • January 8th, 2012


  2. Awesomeee

  3. Man, I thought it was gonna be me in the bushes for sure. Thanks Boo 😀 Great story!

  4. Gumballs are the only way to be sure.

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