Welcome 2012 Year of the Dragon!

Being January 1st, it seems fitting that I should write about something that has to do with the new year.  So, this first blog will attempt to predict the future for 2012, Year of the Dragon.

First off, predictions for people:

Ail will find his teddy bear that he lost.

Andy will have a baby.

Carebear will start playing MapleStory with us.

Katie will meet a guy in July.

Miyu will meet a girl in April.

Rabid will meet a guy and a girl in August.

Shane will finally finish playing Gears of War around September and rejoin the group.

Xero will make 3 cameos this year (versus his 2 cameos in 2011).

By the end of the year we will add another person to the group, which I predict will be:

Male or Female, 10-30, like online games.

The person we will lose this year will be MALE.  (Special shout out to the people who didn’t make it through to the next year, Mike and Dave.  Hope they’re happy somewhere in Canada land).

Predictions for the world:

It’ll end sometime in December 2012.

That’s all!  Good luck to all participants!


  2. :O

  3. work!

  4. haha

    • mooimmapiggy
    • January 2nd, 2012

    I hope this girl isn’t dramatic O_____O
    and phew! I’m clear form being kicked out.

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